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3 Considerations Before Having Your Carpet Cleaning

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3 Considerations Before Having Your Carpet Cleaning

3 Key Considerations for Carpet Cleaning

Regardless of what type of business you own and operate, the way your carpet looks says a lot about your products’ and services’ quality. However, carpet cleaning isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are two key considerations to make here.

First, what type of carpeting do you have? This is important because different types of carpeting require different methods of cleaning. For instance, wool carpeting shrinks really easily when you use the wrong solutions on it. On the other hand, frieze carpets (these have small, twisted fibers) soak up dirt easily, harboring lots of it before ever looking dirty. As such, you must clean them more often. Polyester, olefin, and nylon carpets also need you to clean them in a specific way as well.

Second, is your carpet stained? Just like different types of carpet require different types of cleaning, the same is also true about different types of stains. Coffee stains are the most popular type of stain found in offices today, but ink stains are much more difficult to remove. While not as common as these types of stains, blood stains are as difficult to remove as ink stains. Any type of stain may be beyond your ability, but they’re never too difficult for a true professional to remove from your carpet.

Third, is the company fully equipped and the staff well-trained? You don’t want a company who doesn’t have what the necessary equipment to properly clean your carpet. At the same time, you also don’t want people calling themselves “experts” if they don’t know how to do a professional job. Carpet cleaning involves knowing what solutions to use to get rid of stains and odors for good.

When you’re ready to have your carpet cleaned properly, contact us. We have the products, equipment, and skill you need to make your carpet look like new again.