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What Businesses Benefit From Commercial Janitorial Services?

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What Businesses Benefit From Commercial Janitorial Services?

Our Service Will Match The Needs Of The Business

Clean USA is a commercial janitorial service, taking care of our customers in Chicago-land and Northern Illinois. But what kinds of businesses require commercial janitorial services and how does our service differ depending on the location? Below are some of the ways we take care of different customers.

  • Manufacturing Plants and Buildings: We understand manufacturing plants need to be handled with care. We make sure all of our staff are trained in industrial cleaning and know how to do their jobs safely around manufacturing and distributing machinery.
  • Retail: On every job, our Clean USA employees are dressed in Clean USA uniforms with clearly marked name badges. It is especially important in retail so customers are not uncomfortable with those who are there to perform janitorial services.
  • Government: Clean USA has the expertise to clean government buildings like municipal buildings, court houses, community centers, police, and fire houses. Each of these places need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Let Clean USA perform daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning.
  • Hotel: Clean USA offers services aside from our normal cleaning services that are specific to hotels. We offer day porter services, soap, paper towel, and consumable supply services, and mattress sanitation. If you are in hotel management and your cleaning staff needs a boost, let Clean USA come in and lighten the load.

As you can see, Clean USA caters our service to match the needs of the business requesting them. We also provide janitorial services for spiritual institutions, resorts, healthcare facilities, banks, and education buildings. Contact us today to start achieving a new level of clean.