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Area Rug Cleaning: A Fresh Start to 2017

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Area Rug Cleaning: A Fresh Start to 2017

Get Rid Of 2016 Mess!

You will begin to pack away the Christmas decorations and clean up after the New Years Eve party only to find Aunt Edith spilled her wassail in one corner of your family room area rug and there’s cheese ball ground in the center.

Okay, so maybe it’s not that bad. Perhaps you are anti-social and you chose instead to bring in the new year with your little pooch Milly at your side.

There are still several reasons you should begin the new year with clean rugs.

You Don’t Need 2016’s dirt in 2017

We are certain you take care to vacuum your rugs and pay attention to the routine ways of keeping them clean. In spite of those efforts dust, pet dander and debris brought in can remain unseen to the naked eye.

Professional Cleaning of Your Rugs Will Ensure a Longer Life

We know area rugs can be quite costly and you don’t have money to burn. We can clean your rug efficiently and economically and help add years of enjoyment.

Nip the Allergens

You’ll most likely spend more time indoors during the coming winter months. A clean area rug improves air quality by ridding your room of dust mites, molds from outdoors and pet dander than can all be no-see-ems and cause breathing issues to those of you who are sensitive.

Area rug cleaning is just one of the ways we can expertly help you take care of your investments in your home as well as the health of your family members.

Contact us for answers to your questions and a great start top the new year!