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Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Tips For Your Berber Carpet

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Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Tips For Your Berber Carpet

Berber carpet is adored by many homeowners for its tidy appearance, stain resistance, and durability. However, the closed loops of Berber carpet can make it a bit tougher to clean and maintain than many other carpet types. Follow these tips to keep your Berber carpet in tip-top shape without causing any damage.

Vacuum without brushes.

The brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner may snag the Berber loops, causing your carpet to look frayed and prematurely worn. If your vacuum has a floor attachment, use this when vacuuming your Berber carpet. Otherwise, raise the brushes to the highest height possible so they don’t come into contact with the carpet.

Use less water when shampooing.

If you hire a professional to clean your Berber carpet, make sure they have experience with this style of carpet so you can ensure they’ll clean it properly. If you shampoo the carpet yourself, keep in mind that less water is better than more. The density of the Berber carpet makes it great at holding onto moisture. Use too much water and it will stay wet for days, possibly leading to mold growth.

Use a cleaner that removes oils.

Berber carpeting tends to trap oils. Even the oils from your skin can work their way into the carpet, discoloring it over time. Once again, an experienced carpet cleaner should know to use an oil-extracting cleaning solution on Berber carpet. If you clean the carpet yourself — even if you’re just soaking up a spill — make sure you use a shampoo or stain remover that is designed to deal with oils.

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