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Signs Your Carpet Needs To Be Cleaned

When it comes to carpet in the home, while most people tend to think about vacuuming their carpet often, deciding to actually have your carpets deep cleaned may not cross the minds of most people on a regular basis. However, your home’s carpet should be treated just like any other area of your home; while […]

Frieze carpet being cleaned

Simple Tips For Carpet Cleaning Your Frieze Carpet

Save Your Frieze Carpet! Frieze carpet is known for its long, twisted fibers that give the carpet a luxurious, comforting feel under your feet. The long fibers may look lovely, but they do tend to grab onto moisture and stains. They’re also prone to fraying if you’re not careful when you vacuum and clean. To […]

Vacuuming an area rug

Area Rugs: Carpet Cleaning Tips For Your Home

Area rugs are a beautiful addition to any home. However, area rugs are often placed in high traffic areas and can become extremely dirty very quickly. Carpet cleaning area rugs in Sycamore, IL, require the same attention and care as wall-to-wall carpeting. Oftentimes, rugs such as finer Oriental rugs require special attention. Here are some […]

Water extraction carpet cleaning

Hot Water Extraction – Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning Makes a Difference We’ve mentioned in a previous blog post the importance of regular carpet cleaning routines. In this post, we will discuss the best way to do so. The professional carpet cleaning industry standard (and recommended method of cleaning from all carpet manufacturers) involves using a hot water extraction system to […]