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Costly Assumptions about Water Damage That Are Easily Avoidable

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Costly Assumptions about Water Damage That Are Easily Avoidable

Water damage, from flooding or any other types of water issues, needs to be fixed fast and well, or else more damage and mold. The problem is that most the time we see water we try to fix it ourselves or try to figure out and describe what we think is the problem. The problem with this is that, unless your a professional looking for the root and end of the problem, you’re just guessing. Here are somethings that you’ll probably miss but to make sure that your contractor checks.

Water Source

To avoid destruction of property that may end up being unnecessary, make sure you know where the water is coming from. Some contractors will take your word for where you think the water source is. First, don’t let them do that, they are the experts, they should do an evaluation when they get there to make sure before anything happens. Second, if they do just take your word, they might not be getting the actual water source. All that means is that they are going to have to come back. Disrupting your time even more. All in all, find the correct water source, and you don’t have to have your time and health put on the line again.

Water Migration

With migration, its not what IS affected but what IS NOT affected. Most people will follow by what they see is wet. This mistake leads to assumptions on how the structure was built and only documenting what is wet. Different types of building materials soak up water differently. Any spot that is checked for water should be documented, water or no. Also, anything that has an underneath, i.e. cabinets, should be checked. Water can end up anywhere, its not a solid, so if there is the ability to move through and soak something, its going to.

High Humidity

If humidity is not gone in a few hours, there is something wrong. But believe it or not, there are a TON of different reasons that it could be. Dehumidifiers may help, but there are other areas to check. Did you turn off your dehumidifier, power changes, insufficient extraction, recurring water intrusion, wet areas that where not identified, high outside humidity, or a poorly performing dehumidifier. Keep asking why if you can’t find something to help make the humidity go down. And like always, the easiest solution may not be the best solution.

Nature of Construction

With construction, who knows what was where sometimes. Always make sure before starting to fix water damage to know what the construction of the building is. Some instruments won’t always work everywhere, especially if an inside wall was once an outside wall.

Remember that documentation is key. Knowing how your progress is moving is great and helped by the documentation. Make sure your checking often but always the same spots.