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Don’t Be Tripped Up by These Carpet Cleaning Myths!

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Don’t Be Tripped Up by These Carpet Cleaning Myths!

Carpet cleaning is an important part of home and office maintenance. It provides multiple benefits and is well worth the investment in professional services. However, it is the rare person who gets the carpets cleaned as often as they should be. At Clean USA, we have had the opportunity to speak with many people and learn just why they don’t think they need carpet cleaning. There are several myths surrounding carpet cleaning, and they prevent people from making truly informed decisions for their properties. In today’s blog, we want to address some of these myths and clear them up.

Misunderstandings About Carpet Cleaning

Don’t let these word-of-mouth ideas about carpet cleaning trip you up!

  • Myth: Your carpet will be wet for days after cleaning.

    • Though carpets can take longer to dry in highly humid conditions, if they are cleaned with the hot water extraction method using professional techniques and equipment, they should be clean in a few hours. Getting as much water out of the carpet as possible is central to our technique. As a result, when you get carpet cleaning from Clean USA, you can rest assured that you won’t be dealing with damp carpet for days on end.
  • Myth: Frequent carpet cleaning will damage it.

    • This is one of the most prolific myths about carpet cleaning, and many carpets suffer because of it. Dirt damages carpet, not cleaning. When you walk on dirty carpet, the particles actually cut into the fibers, wearing the carpet out faster. Dirty carpets fail faster than clean ones. You can do a lot for your carpet by vacuuming, but that isn’t enough. Get your carpet cleaned professionally and ensure it is able to last its full lifespan.

  • Myth: The only reason to get your carpets cleaned is to remove dirt.

    • There is a lot more than just dirt in your carpet. Whenever you enter your home, you carry in bacteria, car exhaust, pollen, fungus, and other nasty particles. These particles generally have nowhere to go but the carpet, where they can work their way in deep, especially in high-traffic areas. These particles are the enemy of anyone with asthma, allergies, emphysema, and other breathing problems. If you find that you have issues and they are getting worse, you may be walking on the source of your suffering every day. We can solve the problem with carpet cleaning.
  • Myth: Steam cleaning causes mold in your carpet.

    • Steam cleaning is designed not to penetrate past the carpet backing, which means it cannot access the pad. That means steam cleaning doesn’t create conditions for mold. Mold only happens when an unskilled cleaner leaves the carpet extremely wet. This is why we don’t recommend you clean your carpet yourself; it’s too easy to do it improperly and create problems that need expensive, professional remediation.
  • Myth: Dry cleaning is superior to steam cleaning.

    • Carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning because its hot water sanitizes the fibers while removing nasty contaminants from the base of the carpet upward. Dry cleaning only addresses the surface of the carpet and cannot remove fibers that settle deep down. Additionally, the lack of rinsing in the process means you can end up with a bunch of residue left in your carpet, residue that will collect contaminants and cause frustrating spots to reappear.

At Clean USA, we offer world-class carpet cleaning services designed to accommodate any type of facility or home. We have the experience and skills needed to ensure that you end up with renewed carpet that will be able to stay looking beautiful for many years to come. Contact our office and home carpet cleaners today!