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How Often Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Necessary?

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How Often Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Necessary?

How To Know If You Carpet Is Cleaned Often Enough?

Whether your carpets are new or you have had them for many years; the key to keeping them looking great and maintained in excellent condition is to have a professional carpet cleaning treatment done on a consistent basis. In addition to routine household maintenance using a high quality household vacuum cleaner and occasional spot stain removal, most carpet experts recommend that a thorough professional cleaning be done at least once per year. The major point of emphasis here are the two words “at least”. Many carpets require professional treatments much more frequently.

How can you know if your carpets are being professionally cleaned often enough? Here are five important questions to ask yourself:

  1. Does my carpet receive consistent foot traffic throughout the week?Are my carpeted rooms used for functions or daily activities that include food and drinks?
  2. Are my carpeted rooms used for functions or daily activities that include food and drinks?
  3. Do pets have access to my carpets?
  4. Does anyone smoke cigars, cigarettes, or a pipe inside the carpeted building?
  5. Is atmospheric dampness-related to high humidity an issue in the building?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions there is a high likelihood that you should have your carpets professionally cleaned two or more times per year. The reason? When carpets are exposed to activity by people, pets, or weather-related environmental factors, they can quickly become inundated with dirt, stains, odors, and mold or mildew development. But there is a solution.

The key to keeping your carpets looking their pristine best is to keep them from ever getting to the point where they are in desperate need of a thorough cleaning. With carpets, proactive maintenance is the most effective strategy. So why wait? At Clean USA, our expert professional team is ready to provide your carpets with the best in quality cleaning service. Our powerful truck mounted steam cleaning equipment utilizes a combination of hot water extraction and highly effective cleaning fluids to restore your carpets to their original like-new, brilliant condition.

For quality service at reasonable prices contact us today, and discover how good your carpets can look after just one treatment.