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How Often Should I Change My Furnace/Air Filter?

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How Often Should I Change My Furnace/Air Filter?

How Often Should I Change My Furnace/Air Filter?

Every once in a while we’re asked how to reduce indoor allergies. The answer is simple; remember to change the heating and air conditioning filter. Changing furnace and air filters is critical to your home’s air quality, not to mention the proper performance of your HVAC system. Studies show that indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental health risks. We know it’s probably the last thing on your mind, but changing the air filters is not all that hard! The hardest parts are:

  1. Knowing how often to change your air filters
  2. Remembering to change them!

When to Change Your Air Filters

Like I mentioned, changing your air filters for your furnace is not hard. It’s not rocket science. As a general rule of thumb, you should change your furnace air filters every other month. At the least, you should check them monthly and if they are dirty, replace them. Here is a list that will help you determine if you need to replace them more often:

  • What is the air quality like in the house? If the air does not seem as clear or fresh as it used to, or you are having issues with allergies or frequent colds, you may need to replace your filter more often.
  • Are there pets in the house? If you have pets in the home, you may want to consider changing filters more frequently or choosing a type that helps with dander.
  • How many people are in the home? The more people in the home, the more dust and dirt flies around – consider changing your filters more often.
  • Are you in an area with high construction or pollution? If the answer is yes to either of these, check your filters frequently and make sure to change them when they are dirty.


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