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How to Identify Great Commercial Cleaners – Part 1

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How to Identify Great Commercial Cleaners – Part 1

Do you run a business and you need help keeping it clean? That means it’s time to find a commercial cleaning company you can trust. In today’s blog, we want to share some questions you can ask while doing research.

How to Identify Great Commercial Cleaners

Are you covered by insurance?

A good commercial cleaning company will protect both themselves and you. Do not hire a company unless they have the following four types of insurance:

  • Workers Compensation Insurance — This type of insurance covers any accidents that are job-related. We’re talking about accidents that may disable, injure, or kill an employee. Worker’s comp covers employees when they’re working in your facility as well as when they travel to and from your facility. It should never be optional!
  • General Liability Insurance — This insurance covers your assets. Should your cleaning company file a claim against you for alleged wrongdoing or negligence, this insurance will keep you covered. The cleaning company you choose should have at least one million dollars in general liability insurance.
  • Auto Liability Insurance — Chances are good that whatever cleaning company you choose will send employees to your facility in its own branded vehicles. This insurance will cover both people and property should any accident occur involving your cleaning company’s fleet as the travel to and from your facility.
  • Umbrella Policies — While the insurance policies above provide significant protection, there are still some cracks that need to be covered. This is especially true when it comes to large companies that can run into court decisions involving millions of dollars. In the rare case that your cleaning company’s actions result in a catastrophic financial judgment, an Umbrella policy can keep you in business. It covers the ground that other policies cannot by handling judgments and legal costs. Your cleaning company should carry at least five million dollars in Umbrella Coverage.

Are you CIMS certified?

  • Certified Industry Management Standard companies are the elite. In order to earn the certification, a cleaning company must provide cleaning that follows best industry practices over a long period of time. It is not an easy certification to earn. A CIMS-certified company has demonstrated its dedication to the highest standards of their industry and is the best choice for you.

How do you train your employees?

  • It is important to understand just how a cleaning company ensures each of its employees can provide the best cleaning possible. This is especially true if you require specialized cleaning, like medical, industrial, or school. If a cleaning company requires its employees to attend additional training over time, that’s another good sign.

Will the same cleaners take care of my facility?

  • You want a team that will get to know your facility and its unique needs, not a constantly-changing group of cleaners who have to ride the learning curve. While it is normal for good cleaners to have floaters who can cover for the usual crew in the case of sickness or vacation, you should be seeing the same faces every day. Good cleaning companies hire great cleaners and keep them.

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