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Know the Difference Between Water Damage Solutions

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Know the Difference Between Water Damage Solutions

Water damage/Flood damage. Stressful enough right? How do you even start to figure out how to fix the problem. Let me tell you the difference between the options.

1) Natural Drying Solution. This is when you basically just leave it alone. “They’ll dry naturally.” Basically what happens is that the standing water is vacuumed out and the doors and windows are left open. The process can last up to a few days and still might not get everything fully dry. This process is a good cheap way but if you refer to my other blog post about the ongoing effects of water damage you’ll learn that mold and mildew start to grow in area’s you might’ve missed or even areas that aren’t fully dry. This can then lead to an unsafe living condition for your family and the next option.

2) General Contractor Solution. Basically, this is when a contractor comes in and basically their view is “when in doubt, rip it out.” They start with the same process of Natural Drying Solutions then anything that “looks or feels” wet is extracted. The “look and feel” method is unreliable at best. This is the expensive fix that may or may not work. You still might have the mold and mildew growth if anything is missed.

3) Restorative Drying Solution. What we here at Clean USA do.

Water Damage Emergency Services

  • Damage Protection for contents and structure
  • Water Extraction to limit damage area
  • Cushion Removal from beneath saturated carpet
  • Anti-Microbial Application to eliminate unsanitary health hazards and malodors
  • Drying Equipment to minimize permanent damage to contents and structure
  • Carpet Reinstallation with new carpet cushion
  • Carpet Cleaning and Deodorization completes restoration
  • Re-Set Furniture & Other Contents to pre-loss condition


Sewer Backflow Additional Emergency Requirements

  • Occupant Health and Safety Assessment
  • Personal Protective Equipment from Bacterial Contamination
  • Preliminary Decontamination with EPA Registered Disinfectant
  • Demolition Sewer Contaminated Porous Materials

Clean USA does the emergency service of getting the water out and making sure your family is going to be safe in a quick, efficient, matter. Then we move to getting the rest sorted out. If it is not an emergency, it first goes through the insurance company.


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