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Leave Carpet Cleaning to the Professionals

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Leave Carpet Cleaning to the Professionals

Save Yourself The Hassle

“Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) is the new craze these days. Nowadays everyone is an amateur craftsman, plumber, electrician or auto repairman.

It is great to learn new skills and there are a lot of home repair and decorating projects that are perfect for DIY enthusiasts but when it comes to carpet cleaning you should trust professionals.

Here are five reasons you should leave carpet cleaning to the professionals:

1. Labor

Deep cleaning carpet requires intensive labor. Lifting and pushing heavy carpet cleaning equipment can be hard on your knees, back and shoulders and can be more harmful if the equipment is operated incorrectly.

2. Time

Most homeowners don’t have much free time on their hands for carpet cleaning. Depending on the total square feet, carpet cleaning typically requires 1-2 hours to complete and even longer if done incorrectly.

3. Damage

If you rent a carpet cleaning machine or try alternative DIY cleaning methods you could cause permanent damage to your carpet if you saturate it too heavily or use the incorrect chemicals and cleaning solutions.

Different carpet fibers require different techniques and solutions. If the incorrect method is used it could cause permanent wear or damage to the carpet.

Different carpet stains also require different methods for removal. If you use the wrong liquid or cleaning method you can ruin your carpet. For example, did you know that using plain water to clean an ink stain on carpet can cause the stain to permanently set in?

If you use too much water and do not extract it all from the carpet, the water left behind can cause mold or mildew growth or breed bacteria.

Experienced professional carpet cleaners are trained in the proper cleaning techniques to ensure no carpet damage occurs.

4. Quality

Rental carpet cleaning machines and DIY techniques found online do not provide the deep, lasting clean that professional equipment does. Professional carpet cleaning removes deep, embedded dirt and contaminants and keeps the carpet clean longer.

5. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Clean USA promises 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to all customers. This ensures that you are happy with your service and the results.

It is clear that the benefits of professional carpet cleaning outweigh DIY carpet cleaning for your home or business.

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