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Need Commercial Janitorial Services?

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Small offices are likely to benefit from weekly janitorial cleaning while medium to large-sized offices may want to get daily cleaning. But, all offices are going to have aspects that only need occasional cleaning. It is easy to forget about these parts until they become extremely dirty and a major eyesore. So, you should schedule commercial janitorial services to show up on a monthly basis to handle several cleaning tasks.

Furniture Cleaning

The furniture in your office must be maintained, especially when you bring in new clients. Office chairs, couches, computer desks, and meeting tables are some items that will need cleaning. You may be able to clean certain things every other month, such as furniture in a meeting room when it is sparsely used. It may also be worthwhile to get professional cleaning right before an important meeting.

Window Cleaning

If the windows play a major role in your office, you have to prioritize window cleaning. You do not want your employees looking out of dirty windows as it will likely reduce their productivity. Most people want to feel appreciated for their work and they want to be proud of the job they have. Depending on the weather, you may need to schedule it more often to combat against quick and excessive dirtying.

Floor Cleaning

Whether you have tile, laminate, carpet, hardwood, or another type of flooring, you need to keep it clean. Daily vacuuming should be more than enough to take care of dirt and dust for a time. But, dirt or liquid stains will eventually happen, scuff marks may appear, and the floor corners may start picking up a lot of grime. Monthly floor cleaning will bring your floor back to its original beauty every 30 days or so.

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