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Pet Owners: Use These Tips to Make Carpet Cleaning Easier

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Pet Owners: Use These Tips to Make Carpet Cleaning Easier

As a pet owner, you must be extra diligent in caring for your carpets. Aside from regular carpet cleaning, there are several other things you can do to keep them in top condition.


#1. Keep your pet well-groomed

You’ll have less hair and pet dander in your carpet fibers whenever you keep your pet well groomed. Make sure to bathe your pet often, and brush him outside whenever possible so that pet hair cannot get into your rug.

#2. Vacuum on a regular basis

Vacuuming on a regular basis will also prevent dirt and grime from becoming embedded into your carpets. Weekly vacuuming may not be enough if there is heavy foot traffic, in which case you may need to vacuum two or three times each week.

#3. Clean stains up immediately

It’s important to clean stains up immediately so they do not become set. Blot up liquid stains with dry paper towels, but take care not to press urine into the carpet. Scrape up solid stains using the flat blade of a putty knife to keep them from being pressed deeper into your rug. After removing, spot clean with a hand-held shampooer so your pet will not be tempted to use the same spot again.

#4. Use throw rugs strategically

The strategic placement of throw rugs can eliminate a great deal of pet hair from your carpet by providing your animal with a comfortable place to lie down. Be sure to wash them on a regular basis, so that any hair that does get on your rugs won’t enter your carpet.

Even with these proactive measures, there will still come a time when your carpets will require professional cleaning. When that time comes, contact us for a free estimate on some of the best carpet cleaning anywhere in the Sycamore, IL area.