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Signs You Should Hire a Carpet Cleaning Service Over a DIY Approach

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Signs You Should Hire a Carpet Cleaning Service Over a DIY Approach

Professional Carpet Cleaning is BETTER than a DIY

Home carpet shampooing devices have become a lot better over the years. For the average homeowner, they’re a good way to give your carpet a light cleaning between professional services. However, they’re still not as effective as the high-powered equipment and expertise of a carpet cleaning company. Here are some signs you’re better off hiring a professional rather than taking a DIY approach.

You have pets.

Pet odors can work their way deep into the carpet fibers. A lot of the odor comes from oils that are passed from your pet’s skin into the carpet fibers. These oils can only be extracted with really hot water. Home carpet shampooing systems don’t usually get hot enough to remove them very effectively.

Your carpet is made from wool.

Wool carpets are beautiful, but they’re also hard to care for. You can’t get them too wet, and you have to make sure they dry very quickly. Home carpet shampooers tend to get the carpet too wet, which may cause it to shrink as it dries. A professional carpet cleaning company will know how to ensure your carpet is not damaged by the cleaning process.

Your carpet is very light in color.

Light-colored carpets are discolored very easily. Part of your carpet may be an entirely different color than another part because it’s dirtier. Home carpet shampooers may not extract enough dirt to remove this discoloration. Professional cleaning, which uses stronger suction devices and more specialized detergents, ensures more dirt is removed and your carpet’s original, even color is restored.

Having your carpet professionally cleaned about once a year will keep it looking its best. Contact Clean USA to schedule your appointment today.