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The 4 Big Myths Of Carpet Cleaning

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The 4 Big Myths Of Carpet Cleaning

What You Don’t Know Can Cost You Money

If you remember Enron, the failed energy company based in Texas, you understand how “misinformation” costs dearly. Enron’s corporate owners said “buy, buy, buy” to stockholders, while they sold their own shares. What does this have to do with carpet cleaning, you ask? Carpet is an investment, and false information about cleaning it costs us real money. Consider the following 4 myths about carpets:

Fiber Selection isn’t Crucial

False. In fact, there are many types of carpet fibers and they react differently to wear and tear, soiling, staining, etc.

Vacuuming too much is bad for carpet

False. The “kiss of death” for carpet as far as wearing out occurs because of lack of vacuuming, not excessive vacuuming!

A professional knows how to remove all stains

False. An honest knowledgeable carpet cleaning technician informs you that some stains may change the color of the fiber. Think of carpet as your hair. Dye your hair green. Shampoo it. Your hair is now clean. And still green. Carpet too can experience color change that no cleaning will undo.

After cleaning the stain was gone, but then came back

False. Only part of the stain left—the top part. Explanation: When a carpet “stain” disappears after cleaning no one continues cleaning, for obvious reasons. However, some liquid stains, based on volume, penetrate deep down, out of sight. As carpet fully dries, the unseen contaminant underneath rises to the surface, mysteriously “coming back” while in fact it was there all the time.

What a qualified professional carpet cleaner knows about carpet cleaning can help us! Unmatched carpet cleaning is what we do, so by all means, for any information please contact us anytime to protect your investment, your carpet!