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Three Tips to Minimize Damage in Your Rental Home from Flooding

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Three Tips to Minimize Damage in Your Rental Home from Flooding

Avoiding Flooding

When you own a property and use it as your primary residence, you can take every precaution to minimize the chance of experiencing a flood in the home. However, you can only do so much with a property that you have turned into a rental, mainly because you are not in the property on a regular basis. It is ideal to take advantage of several measures to minimize flood damage in your rental home.

Shutting Off Water and Electrical

Since you will not be present when something goes wrong in your rental home, you want the tenants to know how to turn off the water and electrical to eliminate the chance of the problem getting worse. Stopping the water is crucial to put an end to the flooding, and turning off the electricity is to avoid any electrical-related problems, which can turn into a major expense if they were to happen.

Calling You Immediately

Along with shutting off the water and electrical, you want your tenants to call you as soon as a flood happens. Depending on the location and seriousness of the flooding, you can try to take care of restoration on your own, but it is best to rely on professional water restoration for guaranteed results.

Educate Your Tenants

Before you accept tenants into your rental property, you want to educate them about avoiding a flood and handling one if it were to happen, but also on home maintenance in general. Not only do you want to feel confident that they can prevent most floods from occurring, but you want your tenants to feel confident in themselves as well, especially since they are the ones that you will need to rely on.

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