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Tips for Water Restoration

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Tips for Water Restoration

Helpful Ways to Save Your Home

Having a flood in your home is the last thing any homeowner wants to go through. It is important you take certain steps right away to prevent your things and your home from being seriously damaged. One aspect of that clean up is hiring a professional to do water restoration, like Clean USA. Clean USA is a cleaning and restoration company near Chicago, Illinois. We specialize in residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, and restoration services. No one wants to be in a situation where they need to restore their home from water damage. But if it does happen to you, Clean USA is here to help.

Here are a few tips to follow to help with flood clean up and to preserve the quality of your home and possessions.

  • Contact your insurance company right away. This may come as a given, but just to reiterate, it is important you figure out your insurance coverage right away. They can send an adjuster to help you. Videotape and take pictures as you clean so you have documentation to show your insurance company and as you apply for aid if needed.
  • According to, take furniture, bedding, and clothes outside to dry as soon as possible. Have your upholstered furniture cleaned by a professional. This is due to the contaminants from floodwaters that can be in your furniture.
  • Hire someone to help you with professional water restoration in order to prevent major mold problems. Clean USA has a truck mounted, high pressure water extraction system.

For more general tips, check out the website. And for help with your carpet and furniture specifically, contact us at Clean USA today. Don’t let flood damage be the disaster it could be.