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Tips in Finding Janitorial Cleaning Services

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Tips in Finding Janitorial Cleaning Services

Janitorial Cleaning Services

Outsourcing your janitorial service, for many businesses, is not even a question. The benefits of an external company coming in range widely, and have been covered in-depth on this blog. The question then turns to another subject: how do you make sure that your find the best Commercial Janitorial Service for your business? Here are 3 tips to help you accomplish just that.

1) Look for References and Comps

Above all, you should find out what other businesses the company(s) you’re looking at have performed cleaning services for in the past. Then, don’t be afraid to talk to those businesses to find out their satisfaction. Especially if the jobs were similar to yours (i.e. office type and size), you can gain valuable information for your own research process.

2) Talk about the Details

Next, you should be sure to talk about the details of what professional office cleaning would entail for your business. When would the cleaning happen, how regularly would it occur, how many professionals would need access to your property, and what products would they use? Knowing the details ahead of time allows you to find a commercial janitorial service that fits your needs and office routine.

3) Schedule a Cleaning

Finally, see if the service company can come in for a ‘test cleaning.’ Will you be locked into a contract right away, or can you judge the results of an initial cleaning first? The latter allows you to make sure that the company with which you’ll work actually does what it promises.

Finding the best possible commercial janitorial service for your business is crucial to ensure sanitation and cleanliness. To get started in your search for a cleaning partner, contact us.