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Tips on How to Know When Your Office Carpet Needs a Deep Clean

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Tips on How to Know When Your Office Carpet Needs a Deep Clean

Your business has a large investment in its carpeting, and you want it to make a good impression on customers when they step inside your premises.

You might be surprised that visitors do indeed notice if a carpet looks fresh and clean because they feel that the amount of careful degree of care that you take to accomplish that look indirectly reflects how you run the rest of your business.

A deep clean approximately twice a year will ensure that you not only keep the colors and textures “alive” in your carpet that takes a lot of daily punishment but also that there won’t be noticeable stains to detract from its looks nor the possibility of causing allergic sneezes and coughs because of pollen and other pollutants trapped in the carpet. Carpets cleaned with specialty eco-friendly equipment and materials mean a much healthier and happier environment.

Traffic lanes are caused by sticky and oily residues that come into your office from the street where visitors’ shoes have grabbed the dirt and debris from outdoor areas and pathways. The dirt is then imbedded deep into the carpet where it becomes attached to the carpet fibers and could cause irreversible damage, color change, and even unpleasant odors. You should clean your carpets before those traffic lanes cause major soiling that could become permanent.

After a bad winter when snow and ice have been dragged in, it is imperative that it all be deeply cleaned out of the carpet in order to protect the fibers from further damage.

You can notice when the carpet doesn’t look and smell fresh, so that is the perfect time to have it taken care of properly to preserve the carpeting and keep it from further disintegrating.

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Dust and dirt dull the fibers and cling to them while also wearing the carpet away, so it certainly makes sense to spend money on regular deep cleaning compared to having to replace the carpeting at a much higher cost.

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