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What to Expect From A Commercial Janitorial Service

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What to Expect From A Commercial Janitorial Service

Having your commercial property cleaned regularly is important for staff and visitors alike. Studies have shown that a clean work environment is good for productivity, morale, and peace of mind.

One such study, which focused on more than 400 people, found that productivity levels were dramatically increased by a clean work environment.

“A clean office produced quantifiable results when it came to employee productivity. They reported a 5% productivity gain ($125,000) in a 100-employee office with an average salary of $25,000.”

But do you know what to expect from a commercial janitorial service? Read on to find out if your current cleaning contract is just words on a page.

1. A commercial janitorial service should bring its own cleaning supplies.

By bringing their own cleaning supplies, they save your company money. Never hire a janitorial service that requires you to stock cleaning supplies for them.

2. A commercial janitorial service should work around your schedule.

Your business is important. So when you need to work, your cleaning company should respect that. If your current commercial cleaning company doesn’t work around your busy schedule, it’s time to move on.

3. All work performed by your commercial janitorial service should be done in a timely and professional manner.

Further, when you schedule your free quote, ask if all current staff is trained and ready to deliver the highest quality service.

A commercial janitorial service that cares about its work will ensure that all of your business needs come first. If your current cleaning company is lackluster, perhaps it’s time to move on to someone who really shines!

Commercial Janitor Services in Illinois

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