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What to Expect from a Professional Area Rug Cleaning

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What to Expect from a Professional Area Rug Cleaning

Professional Cleaning

Many homeowners struggle to properly maintain and care for area rugs. These are often large and clumsy to transport, or are difficult to clean with home hot water extraction machines. Fortunately, a professional carpet cleaner has methods that are proven to be safe, gentle, and effective for area rugs. Rugs can be picked up and transported to a cleaning facility where they are appropriately cared for and cleaned before getting delivered back to your home. Here is what you can expect from this type of service:

Before the cleaning

Not all area rugs are created equal. Before cleaning, the rug will be inspected for the type of fiber, thickness of the pile, and extent of the wear. These considerations will help determine what cleaning treatment will work best. The rug is then treated with a stabilizer to prevent fading or bleeding, and then rinsed to remove any loose debris.

During the Cleaning

After preparations are complete, the area rug is cleaned using industry standard machinery and cleaning compounds. These are gentle on the carpet and safe for you and your family. If the rug has fringe or decorative edging, these are also properly treated.

After the Cleaning

After cleaning is complete, the area rug is placed in a drying chamber. This helps remove all moisture while preserving colors and carpet fibers. The rug completes a post-cleaning inspection and is then ready to either be picked up or returned to your home.

To be properly cleaned, your areas rugs need the attention of a professional carpet cleaning specialist. Area rugs require gentle care; contact us to learn more about our experience in handling these kinds of carpets. Whether it is an ornate or decorative area rug, or just something to collect dirt and debris in a hallway, we are ready to make your rugs look their best!