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Why Cleaning Your Carpets Yourself Is a Bad Idea

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Why Cleaning Your Carpets Yourself Is a Bad Idea

Do your carpets look worn? Do they have matted trails that don’t respond to your vacuum? Are they stained and dirtied? It’s time to get them cleaned!

Carpet cleaning not only makes your carpets look fresher and newer, it keeps them in good shape longer. Dirt and other contaminants wear your carpet fibers down the longer they’re allowed to stay and can drastically affect the lifespan of your carpets. Prolonging the life of your carpet is a good idea because carpeting doesn’t come cheap; it doesn’t matter if you’re replacing residential or commercial carpeting.

When people turn to carpet cleaning, they either decide to do it themselves or hire a professional carpet cleaning and restoration company in Chicago. Usually, people hoping to save money try to go it alone. People who hire cleaning companies usually don’t want to deal with the complexity and time commitment. The problem is, many people assume that cleaning carpets is simple. You buy or rent a machine, a bottle of cleaning solution, and then run the machine over your carpets and wait for it to dry. Why would you pay to have someone do what you can easily do yourself?

Unfortunately, carpet cleaning really isn’t just a step up from vacuuming; it’s a whole different ballgame. There is a reason why professionals specialize in it. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss a few of the reasons why it’s best to get someone with experience to work on your carpets.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Costs More

Yes, it’s true. You have to rent or buy equipment. You have to buy cleaning solution, and inexperienced technique leads to waste, which leads to buying extra solution. If you have stains, you need to invest in special spot treatments, which just cost more. You also have to figure in the time expense – carpet cleaning is no a quick process. At the end of the day, chances are good you’ll have paid more to do the cleaning by yourself.

DIY Carpet Cleaning is Hard Work

You don’t want to have to clean your carpets a second time only a few months after the first cleaning, right? Well, that means you have to do it right. Doing it right takes a significant amount of time and energy. You have to move furniture, vacuum, pre-spray, agitate, and extract. All of that doesn’t include filling, emptying, cleaning, and returning the equipment if you rented it. It’s a significant project, and if you don’t do it well, you can end up having to drag everything out and try again.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Often Makes Carpets Dirtier

The most important part of any carpet cleaning is the rinse. Without a good rinse, detergent stays in the fibers. Detergent is sticky and picks up dirt like crazy. There’s a term for what happens to carpets that didn’t get rinsed: “rapid resoling.” It can permanently damage your carpet, preventing it from ever looking the same. Unfortunately, DIY carpet cleaners don’t usually have enough power to fully rinse and extract detergent. At best, they give you a surface clean, which leaves a mess of detergent. As a result, your carpet will quickly turn dark and matted.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Damages Carpets

Like we just mentioned, improper cleaning technique can lead to permanent, expensive damage. If you get the carpet too wet, you can damage the underfloor and cause mold. Agitating incorrectly leads to fiber damage. All of these damages are easily prevented by professionals who know how much moisture is enough and how much is too much. They know when to back off agitating in order to ensure cleanliness without damage. They can get your carpet clean without breaking the bank.

DIY Carpet Cleaning is Often a Waste of Time

Even if you don’t have a lot of carpet, the entire cleaning process, from moving the first piece of furniture to stowing the machinery away, can take eight hours, especially if you aren’t experienced. A professional team like ours can get everything done beautifully in a quarter of the time.

In our years of carpet cleaning, we can’t say how many times we’ve been called in to fix carpets people have damaged with DIY cleaning. Sidestep the DIY trap and let us give you the results you need in Sycamore and beyond! Call Clean USA for your carpet cleaning and water damage restoration needs in the Chicago and Aurora, IL area.