1. Tips for Water Restoration

    Helpful Ways to Save Your Home Having a flood in your home is the last thing any homeowner wants to go through. It is important you take certain steps right away to prevent your things and your home from being seriously damaged. One aspect of that clean up is hiring a professional to do water resto…Read More

  2. Water Restoration for Flood Damage

    Water Restoration can Save Your Carpets Coming home to see water seeping out from underneath your washing machine and all over you home is up there on the list of a homeowner's worst nightmare. Sustaining significant flood damage from a natural disaster is also a serious concern, depending on where …Read More

  3. Beware of Spring Floods

    Be prepared for floods! Spring time in Dekalb, Illinois is exciting. After a long winter, it is always refreshing to see snow and ice melt and new green growth appear on trees and foliage. Unfortunately, there are also some adverse effects that come with this annual thaw. For homes with finished bas…Read More

  4. Three Tips to Minimize Damage in Your Rental Home from Flooding

    Avoiding Flooding When you own a property and use it as your primary residence, you can take every precaution to minimize the chance of experiencing a flood in the home. However, you can only do so much with a property that you have turned into a rental, mainly because you are not in the property on…Read More

  5. Water Restoration Cleaning after a Flood

    It's not a matter of if...but when a disaster can strike. And we're talking about water damage in Dekalb IL. Whether you have water damage from a frozen pipe or from a sump pump failing, water damage is especially dangerous because effects can be long-lasting and can create hazardous health risks b…Read More

  6. Tips for Preventing the Need for Water Restoration

    If you've ever had a major appliance  fail, like a washing machine hose or dish washer hose, and cause water damage to your flooring floor, you know it is an experience you never want to repeat.  Unfortunately, water problems can come not just from appliances breaking but also from natural floodin…Read More

  7. Water Restoration Tips for Any Sized Water Spill

    Any type of water spill in a home or office is bad. Water has a way of seeping into wood, walls, and floors and ruining anything that it comes into contact with. What's worse, when water isn't cleaned up within a reasonable amount of time, it continues to damage whatever it comes into contact with.…Read More

  8. Cleaning Up After a Water Disaster

    Water restoration can be a real challenge. Whether you've had a washing machine that decided to dump water all over the laundry room floor instead of cleaning your clothes, a burst pipe that turned your home into a lake, or a flood that made its way through your doors, you know that when it's over,…Read More