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Have you ever noticed how so many cleaning companies advertise and promise great results? -

That's right. Promising "The Greatest Cleaning" but end up delivering a lot less. Well, after years of hearing stories from clients how they were 'burned' by one cleaning company after another; who simply ended up just brushing the dirt off your carpets and leaving you with a bigger mess than you began with, we got so sick of the 'black-eye' these outfits were giving our industry so ...We decided to do something about it. We put in place a vigorous 'Quality Control Program' so homeowners and businesses owners could finally relax knowing that their homes and businesses would always look great because they'd always get what they paid for!!

"Excellent service all the way around, from the carpet audit to the carpet cleaning itself. Carpets look great!! The technician was very pleasant, courteous, and very knowledgeable of what Clean USA would do for my carpets. I was really impressed that he put 'booties' (shoe covers) on his shoes before entering my home." - Caroline Quinlan, Dekalb


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"Clean USA differs from other cleaning companies that I have used, as they leave the carpets dry in less than 4 hours! They are pleasant, efficient and their cleaning process is effective. I will use them again and again!" - Truman Wood, Sycamore

"The Clean USA technician was great! He was professional and personable. He explained the whole carpet cleaning process, how he would treat the spots and stains on my carpet. We will use Clean USA again!" - Steve & Annette Sorich, Naperville

"Clean USA was on time and the technicians were very thorough and they listen to our concerns with the carpets. They are also very knowledgeable about the carpets and are helpful with problem solving. The personable employees and great service are what sets Clean USA apart from other carpet cleaning companies. And I love their newsletters!" - James & Caroyn Bacilek, St. Charles

"Clean USA is a top-notch professional cleaning company that does a fantastic job cleaning your carpets and removing spots and stains. I love the fact that their cleaning process leaves my carpet dry in a matter of a few hours. I have used Clean USA for over 15 years!" - Lisa Sarch, Aurora

Clean USA was a joy to work with! They are courteous professionals both on the phone and in person. Their follow up call was a wonderful surprise. The technician was great, on time, friendly, and worked efficiently to remove the stains from my carpet and furniture. My carpets and furniture have never looked better!" - Apla Hellerman, Chicago




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