It is true that a clean working environment increases productivity, and if you own a business, you should be spending your time growing your business. Most business owners do this with great sales teams, innovative marketing, product promotions, alongside outstanding customer service and product quality. But, while all of these are excellent ways for you to improve your revenue, there is one underlying facet, and, quite frankly, it’s an important one: A CLEAN OFFICE. You spend the majority of your time and energy on figuring out ways to increase productivity to grow your business. However, there are a few specific reasons as to why a clean office has a HUGE impact on revenue and sales. If you’re not using commercial janitorial services for your Sycamore business, you could be missing out on the benefits of a clean office.

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The High Cost of Low Morale:
Morale can be the fuel that drives an organization forward or the fuel that feeds the fires of employee discontentment, poor performance, and absenteeism (Ewton, 2007). With low morale comes a HUGE price tag! The Gallup Organization estimates that there are 22 million actively disengaged employees, costing the American economy as much as $350 billion dollars per year in lost productivity including absenteeism, illness, and other problems that result when employees are unhappy at work. Professional cleaning services can go a long way toward providing a more inviting setting to work in.

Commercial Janitorial Services

Research has shown that companies that have an office cleaning service provider achieve higher production numbers because of an increased staff morale. Not only does a clean office help lift employees’ spirits, but it also encourages them to be more organized within their personal work space.

Studies also demonstrate that a clean and organized workplace improves employee retention due, in large part, to decreased stress.

EXERCISE: I want you to take a look at your desk. Is it cluttered? Take a minute to think about how you feel when you come back to your desk and it looks like a hurricane just occurred; you probably feel stressed, rushed, and disorganized. Well, the same holds true with regard to your entire office space. A clean office reduces stress levels. Period.

Addressing Your Dirty Office Space:

Office Cleaning Services

Customer satisfaction surveys show that a clean office allows a stronger sense of trust in the company. When your employees have a stronger sense of trust, THEY WORK MORE. Also, think about this from your customers’ perspective: How do you feel when you walk in to a clean retail store in comparison to one that has hand prints on the windows, trash on the floor, dirty carpets, smelly restrooms, and a dirty entrance? Other studies show that customers talk about a businesses cleanliness when discussing with friends and family.

I’ve come up with a check list to help you get one step ahead of your competition with a clean office.

  • Have your commercial carpets cleaned regularly (Carpet manufactures recommend cleaning at least once per year).
  • Have your furniture cleaned regularly (It’s easiest to have this done while your carpets are being cleaned. Most carpet cleaning companies will offer this service as an ‘add-on’).
  • Hire a commercial janitorial service (like our own) to take care of your cleaning. Depending on your office size, you will want to consider having a cleaning company clean daily, three times a week, or five times a week.
  • Make sure your restrooms and bathrooms are spotless. Cleaning the mirror, toilets, urinals, floors, and making sure the trash is emptied, and don’t forget to restock the toilet paper, paper towels, and soap.
  • Vacuum Daily. Not only does this help with appearance, but it will help keep dust and other contaminants out of the air. Your employees will thank you for keeping them healthy.
  • Empty trash bins daily. Your employees tend to throw anything and everything in their trash bin. Empty the trash daily to avoid foul smells and germs from spreading.
  • Clean your entry door windows, making sure to remove all hand and finger prints.
  • Pay attention to the ceilings and air vents. Remove any hanging dust bunnies.

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