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A Couple Who Wants Carpet Cleaning

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A Couple Who Wants Carpet Cleaning

Carpets that Stay Clean

When Amanda and Greg were first married, they barely ever had their carpets cleaned. Their home had new carpet that was in great shape. They both worked full-time and had lots of hobbies that kept them out of the home. Their carpets didn’t really even get dirty. After a few years of marriage, they got a puppy. They were so excited for the new addition to their home but it definitely came with a few disadvantages.

For the first time, Amanda and Greg had to find someone who did carpet cleaning in DeKalb, Illinois. One of Amanda’s coworkers referred her to Clean USA. Clean USA’s carpet cleaning services included pet stain removal, which they were definitely needing. They started having their carpets cleaned on a regular basis—about every six months to a year.

After a few years with their dog, they decided to expand their family even more. They had their first son who started off not making too many messes. But they very quickly discovered they were going to need their carpets cleaned even more. Not only did their son create stains by spilling grape juice on the carpet and knocking over mom and dad’s coffee, but they also wanted the carpet to be clean from dirt and germs as he played on the ground. So they started getting their carpets cleaned every three to six months.

Fast forward 15 years and Greg and Amanda have two other kids. They like that their house is the one where all the kids and their friends hang out. But it sure does bring a lot of traffic in their home and on their carpet. It seems like they will continue to rely on Clean USA to keep their carpets clean for good.

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