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Beware of Spring Floods

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Beware of Spring Floods

Be prepared for floods!

Spring time in Dekalb, Illinois is exciting. After a long winter, it is always refreshing to see snow and ice melt and new green growth appear on trees and foliage. Unfortunately, there are also some adverse effects that come with this annual thaw. For homes with finished basements or homes with a slab foundation, spring thaw may also mean needing assistance from a water restoration service to clean up after significant water damage to your home.

Many homes have storm or floor drains and sump pumps installed in their basements to help mitigate the flow of groundwater. While this measure usually prevents flooding, drainage systems can easily become overwhelmed during rapid thawing cycles and begin to back up. In some areas, ground water overflow first drains into the sewage system and if that becomes overwhelmed, the water backs up into basements. This water is not only dirty ground water, but it is also mixed with potentially hazardous black water from the sewer system. This is especially dangerous for homes with finished or carpeted basements because padding and carpet fibers act as sponges that soak of water, making ideal conditions for mold and other dangerous respiratory dangers.

In most cases, floor drains actually help keep your home free of flooding by controlling unwanted water. These are especially helpful when problems occur such as an overflowing toilet or sink, a backed up laundry basin, or when the washing machine drain hose accidentally disconnects. For these reasons, it is not wise to simply close off a flood drain. Instead, take precautionary measures such as installing shut off values on any drains that are below ground level. Also consider purchasing low-cost water sensor alarms to place near drains and low spots in the basement. While these won’t stop water, they will alert you immediate when water begins to enter your home.

If you have experienced a flood in your home, you need to assistance of a professional cleaning service to make sure any affected furniture or carpets are free of any dirt, bacteria, and moisture. If not cleaned properly following a flood, dangers can lurk just below the surface that can become a safety and health hazard. Contact us to learn how we can assist you in recovering after a spring flood.