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Carpet Cleaning Before a Halloween Party

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Carpet Cleaning Before a Halloween Party

Halloween Carpet Cleaning 2015It’s hard to believe that Halloween is only a few weeks away. Every year the months seem to fly by even faster, so it’s easy to go longer than you think between your routine carpet cleanings. While your kids are picking out their Halloween Costumes, you can make your own fun by planning a fun Halloween party.

Treat your friends to fun, music, food and drinks.  You’ll be home all night handing out candy to trick-or-treaters anyway, so you might as well have some company and enjoyable plans in place that you can look forward to.

You should get your invitations out right away, even if you’re still pinning down a few of the details. Halloween is on a Saturday this year, so you can plan your party for the 31st, choose a time and send out the invitations today, so people don’t make other plans. Then you can start planning the exciting details like appetizers, entrees, music, games and of course, the spooky decorations. Pinterest is a great resource for themed parties, do a search for “Halloween Party” and you’re sure to have a lot of great spooky ideas pop up.

Making your house a little creepy is half the fun of a Halloween party, of course you want your guests to be disturbed for all the right reasons, but not because they are horrified by how disgusting your carpets are. So, plan to have your carpets cleaned just before your Halloween party.

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