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Carpet Cleaning in DeKalb IL Helps Keep Shoppers and Staff Comfortable

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Carpet Cleaning in DeKalb IL Helps Keep Shoppers and Staff Comfortable

Does your retail store have carpeted floors and more importantly, are they clean? If they’re not, you can rest assured that any shopper who walks into the door is going to notice. With consumer spending expected to be in the billions during the upcoming holidays is that really the impression you want to give them? And are you willing to risk them walking away with wallets in hand because they don’t like what they see?

Carpet cleaning in DeKalb, Illinois, will lower that risk as well as increase employee comfort. Remember, shoppers and staff members track a variety of pathogens and other particles into the store on their feet. They can’t help it and as a result, those materials may make people sick. For example, as shoppers walk across the carpeting they could release allergens into the air.

Now just imagine if someone comes into the store that has asthma. He or she could experience discomfort just because the carpet hasn’t been cleaned in a while. And what about small children who like to sit on the floor while their parents shop? They could inadvertently get their hands dirty and then accidentally ingest whatever material is one their hands.

Carpet Cleaning in DeKalb, IL will help prevent those problems. Plus, they won’t have your retail store out of commission during peak shopping times. That’s because our professionals will come in and do a thorough cleaning of all carpeted and upholstered services without soaking them. So, they’ll be deodorized, clean and dry with 24 hours.

Also, we know that many retailers worry about leaving carpet cleaning crews alone in their stores after hours. Consequently, we eliminate that worry by only hired cleaning experts that are bonded, experienced, screened and insured. To learn more about our commercial carpet cleaning services in DeKalb, Illinois, please contact Clean USA today.