Every year there are approximately 300 Christmas tree fires in the United States. That’s about 5 tree associated fires per day.

Real Christmas trees may smell and look good, but they can also be a real fire hazard if not properly maintained.

Here are some tips to keep your family safe this holiday season:

  • If you are getting a live tree, always select a fresh, well watered tree.
  • Before setting the tree up, make a fresh cut at the base to allow for better water absorbtion
  • Make sure your tree stand holds at least a quart of water and check the water levels daily
  • Prevent electrical fires by inspecting your tree lights for cracked sockets or frayed and loose wires
  • Always use light strings with the UL tag
  • Locate your Christmas tree at least 3 feet away from heat sources such as candles, fire places, radiators, and heat vents
  • Never leave a lighted tree unattended
  • Turn off your tree lights when you leave home and before going to bed