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Cleaning Up After a Water Disaster

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Cleaning Up After a Water Disaster

Water restoration can be a real challenge.

Whether you’ve had a washing machine that decided to dump water all over the laundry room floor instead of cleaning your clothes, a burst pipe that turned your home into a lake, or a flood that made its way through your doors, you know that when it’s over, there’s a lot of cleanup to take care of. Unfortunately, many people don’t have any idea where to start! With these tips, however, you’ll soon have your home looking like new again.

Dry everything out as soon as possible. The longer you let moisture linger, the more damage you’ll have to deal with. For small flooding situations, a stack of towels might be enough to clean it up. For others, you might need to bring in a wet/dry vac. If moisture lingers in the area, especially in carpets and under tiles, you’ll need fans to help dry everything out and prevent mold and mildew from forming.

Determine what’s worth saving. Did you soak a handful of stuffed animals or a pile of couch cushions? Absolutely destroy a rug that was no one’s favorite anyway? Sometimes, the effort and expense required to save the item are more costly than it’s worth. Before you start on your restoration project, dispose of any soggy items that aren’t worth saving. It will clear the space and give you a better idea of what you’ll need to do from there.

Bring in the professionals. If you suspect that you’re in over your head–especially if there’s any chance of hidden moisture–you need a professional service that will get your home back to its former condition as soon as possible. If you need a flood restoration service, contact us! We’ll help get your home dried out and back to normal sooner.

Cleaning up after a flood can feel like a massive headache you don’t need. Thankfully, it is possible to restore everything to its former pristine condition. With time, you’ll even forget that the flood ever happened.

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