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Commercial Janitorial Services for Charter Schools

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Commercial Janitorial Services for Charter Schools

A Clean School Makes A Great Learning Environment

Charter schools find themselves in many unique positions. They are able to offer a different kind of education than the traditional public school curriculum. Yet they are able to offer it for free—like a public school—because they are a part of the public school system. But running a charter school is a big responsibility! So what is one thing that could easily be taken off the plate of the administration? Hiring Clean USA to take care of the commercial janitorial services.

Clean USA is great at cleaning schools and we have the man power and products to do it. At Clean USA, we understand that schools house hundreds or even thousands of students and that means a lot of germs too. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning. That way the daily needs are addressed each day, like restocking toilet paper and sweeping. Tasks that need to be addressed on a weekly basis or monthly basis are also addressed at those times.

There are many other benefits to using Clean USA to clean your charter school as well. We are our own consumables supplier, meaning you won’t be needing to order soap and paper goods from someone else for us to install. We also provide restroom sanitation, hard floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, and furniture cleaning.

Other schools—ranging from day cares to universities—use our services, so we are confident that we can serve you and your commercial janitorial needs at your charter school. Contact us today at Clean USA for more information.