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Common Causes of Water Damage

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Common Causes of Water Damage

Of all of the disasters that could hit your home or business, water damage is easily one of the worst for several reasons.

Believe it or not, just one inch of water flooding can cause thousands of dollars in damages without prompt water damage restoration as that much water can already damage your floors, furniture, appl, and so forth. Dampness from water damage that has gone unnoticed in areas such as basements also makes the area an attractive place for mold growth, ants, rats, and other moisture-loving, damage-causing pests.

Worst of all, water damage can cause serious issues to the foundation of your home or business. This can occur from rain, snow, leaky plumbing, and more. In today’s post, we are going to be going over some of the most common causes of water damage at your property. Continue reading to learn what to keep an eye out for, and if you have experienced water damage at your property, contact us at Clean USA for professional water damage restoration services today.

Plumbing Problems

When pipes become loose or plumbing systems break, it becomes a prime source of water leaks that will damage everything that they touch over time. The tricky part about broken plumbing is that it can take a long time to notice the problem if the leak is coming from within your walls or under sinks where you don’t frequently look.

Blocked Gutters

Gutters can become clogged up and blocked from bird’s nests, leaves, branches, and any other debris that get stuck and can become a problem for your home’s drainage system. This is because of the fact that build-up of any sort will prevent water from flowing away from your home through downspouts the way that it is supposed to and can cause rainwater to flow over the edges and straight down the side of your property. When this happens, it is a recipe for water damage as your ceilings, walls, and foundation will be prone to water damage.

Clogged Drains and Toilets

One of the least desirable causes of water damage is due to clogged drains and toilets. Drains and toilets often become clogged due to the buildup of foreign objects such as hair and grease and can cause the water to flow back up instead of down into the sewer system. When this occurs and more than enough water flows back up, your home could end up with water damage due to flooding. Worst of all, this water is typically extremely dirty and can also end up making you sick if not promptly taken care of.

AC Unit Condensation

When the drain pan of your air conditioning unit becomes damaged or the condensate drain line is dirty, the moisture it creates has nowhere to go and will exit straight from the unit into your property’s walls and floors and will cause damage if left untreated.

If you are experiencing any of these issues or notice any other signs of water damage in your home, get in touch with our team at Clean USA in Sycamore today. We are available 24/7 for all of your emergency water restoration needs.