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Dangers of Hiring the Lowest Bidder for Janitorial Services

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Dangers of Hiring the Lowest Bidder for Janitorial Services

Choosing a professional janitorial cleaning company in Sycamore, Illinois (or professional office cleaning company in Sycamore, Illinois) can help increase your office productivity, help keep positive morale with your employees, and have a positive lasting impression with your customers.

But, as you invite companies into your bidding process, you may be tempted to choose the office cleaning company with the lowest price. While this may help your pocketbook and budget, choosing the lowest bidder may always not be the best choice.

You Get What You Pay For

While price is undoubtedly an important part of your decision-making process, it should not be your only factor in choosing a janitorial service provider. Consider the old adage, “you get what you pay for.” You must always ask the critical question – what am I getting for the price I’m being quoted?

All other things being equal, which service offers the better value for the money? 

More likely, the lowest bidder is cutting corners to achieve these numbers

A considerably lower bid than the average for provision of the same services should throw a red flag. It’s not safe to assume that the price difference is the result of efficiency and slimmer profit margins. More likely, the lowest bidder is cutting corners to achieve these numbers.

Cost-Cutting Measures You Should Be Wary Of

#1 Employing Subcontractors to Avoid Paying Worker’s Compensation and Liability Insurance – this can create a huge liability for your company if an accident were to happen. YIKES.  A professional and legitimate cleaning company will always carry their own work comp and liability insurance and should provide you a copy of their Certificate of Insurance during the bidding process or before the contract starts.

#2 Unlicensed, Un-bonded, or Under-insured – Licenses and bonds oftentimes cost a considerable amount of money for a small business owner. But, these safeguards are in place to protect both you and your contractor. It’s always a good idea to ask for licenses and bond information up front to make sure the potential cleaning company can handle the professional and financial risks of cleaning your facility.

#3 Skimping on Staff Training & Cleaning Products – Cleaning duties can differ from facility to facility. This is why it’s important that your cleaning company have a written cleaning procedure and training program. A professional cleaning company will incorporate their cleaning procedures with standard and accepted commercial cleaning products purchased from a commercial supplier (don’t settle for products bought at the grocery store).

#4 Cutting Back on Work Force Supervision & Adequate Employee Compensation – A low bid from a cleaning company can also mean that the company is skimping on supervision of your facility. Janitorial work can often be physically exhausting and if employees feel underpaid, they may not put in effort. Adequate supervision and compensation can help reduce high turn over and increase employee moral…resulting in a better clean for your facility.

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