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Discover Why Your Home Needs a Carpet Cleaning Before Resale

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Discover Why Your Home Needs a Carpet Cleaning Before Resale

Have you decided to sell your home?

In order to get the best price, it is important to prepare your home for market. Most understand the need to handle basic repairs. However, there are also simple ways to add some polish to your home, which adds value and help sell your home faster. These include carpet cleaning, removal of pet odors, window cleaning, and hardwood floor cleaning.

Place yourself in the shoes of the home buyer, and look at your home with a critical eye. What areas need cleaned, cleared out, and spruced up? Very often, a professional cleaning is all you need to make a big difference. HomeGain, a leading service that connects real estate agents with home buyers and sellers, makes a number of low and moderately priced improvement recommendations that increase a home’s value.

Their recommendations include:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Pet odor removal,
  • Tile & grout cleaning,
  • Furniture cleaning,
  • Window cleaning,
  • Hardwood floor cleaning, and
  • An overall professional house cleaning.

While the benefits of a professional carpet cleaning and other recommendations vary based on the home, the current real estate environment and other factors, HomeGain reports that services from a carpet cleaning to an overall house cleaning may add up to $1,500 to a home’s resale in the Sycamore, IL area.

Clean USA is committed to providing the highest quality carpet, furniture and drapery cleaning services available. Our courteous and highly trained technicians use only the best equipment and chemicals. Could you use that? What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like more information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.