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Facts on Carpet Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction

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Facts on Carpet Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction

A Method That Gives Great Results

The manufacturer of a popular carpet spray promises you great results with just spraying on, brushing in and vacuuming up the product. Makers of steam technology suggest that you do not need water for carpet cleaning at all (other than in the form of steam). Our experts stand by the hot water extraction method. Why?

What Makes Hot Water Extraction Work so Well?

  • Pressure. When treating commercial or residential carpeting, it makes sense to use the appropriate pressure that forces water and previously applied detergents into the fibers of the floor covering. The pressure loosens dirt while the hot water combined with detergents dissolves grease.
  • Extraction. Creating a strong vacuum removes the water together with detergents, loosened soil, and liquefied grease.
  • Power. Big box home improvement stores sell hot water extraction machines for home use. Grocery stores rent machines that they dub to be for commercial purposes. That said, nothing beats the suction power of a truck-mounted unit. The water pressure is greater, and the extraction capabilities are superior, to the ones offered by home-use units. This technology makes it possible for the customer to experience faster-drying carpets than s/he would with other machines.

What about Steam Cleaning?

Many consumers do not realize that some companies use the term “steam cleaning” interchangeably with the concept of hot water extraction. Only applying steam to an area that you previously treated with a detergent does not result in the removal of any dirt or soap. Contact us today to learn more about carpet cleaning that really works.