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Fight Fall Allergies With Carpet Cleaning

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Fight Fall Allergies With Carpet Cleaning

Save Yourself the Trouble

School has started and the cold weather will arrive in Sycamore, IL soon, which means cold and flu season and other fall allergies are not far behind.

It is impossible to control what your child is exposed to at school or away from home, but you can control the cleanliness of your home with hygiene, routine cleaning and professional carpet cleaning.

These helpful carpet care and cleaning tips for your home will go a long way toward preventing germs and allergens and should help keep your family healthy this season:

Wash Your Hands

While not related to cleaning your home or your carpet, the importance of washing your hands regularly throughout the day cannot be understated.

Everyone should wash their hands before eating and after using the restroom. Clean hands dramatically reduce the chance of carrying and spreading disease throughout your home and it is a very simple process that shouldn’t require more than 20 seconds of your time.

Cover Your Mouth

We promise that the rest of our tips are about cleaning, but we also would be remiss if we do not remind you to cover your nose and mouth while sneezing with a tissue or cloth or into the crook of your elbow.

Doctors recommend that you do not sneeze into your hands, but if you do, you will want to wash them as soon as possible otherwise it is very easy to spread germs on door knobs, phones and other common areas throughout a home.

Remove Your Shoes

So much about keeping your clean and healthy revolves around keeping as much of the outdoors out of your home. According to WebMD, “We track 85% of the dirt in our homes in from the outside on our shoes or paws of pets”.

By creating a space for family and guests to leave their shoes before entering the main living area in your home, you will effectively and easily prevent a lot of allergens and contaminants in your house and in your carpet.


Vacuuming is one of the most important elements in maintaining the quality and performance of your carpet and an easy way to remove allergens.

Contaminants, germs, dust particles and other allergens in the air eventually float down to your carpet where they become trapped in the fibers.

By vacuuming your carpet regularly you remove the allergens from your home and your floor, which especially protects pets and small children closer to the ground.

Problem Areas

Do not worry if you do not have time to clean your entire home every day, just try to make some time to target commonly used areas of your home where germs and allergens could spread.

If possible, wipe down your refrigerator handle, door knobs, remote controls, phones, countertops, toilets, light switches, etc on a regular basis.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Professional carpet cleaning removes deep, embedded dirt and contaminants that traditional cleaning and vacuuming cannot reach.

It is important to hire a professional carpet cleaning service at least once every 12 months and the fall is a perfect time to make an appointment in order to remove allergens and have your home ready for the holidays.

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