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Hard Floor Cleaning Routine for Terrazzo Floors

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Hard Floor Cleaning Routine for Terrazzo Floors

Keep Your Terrazzo Floors Clean

Terrazzo is a versatile, durable, and elegant flooring option that has timeless appeal. Invented by Venetian artisans during the 15th century, terrazzo is comprised of marble chips set in a cement or epoxy base, then ground flat, polished, and sealed. Terrazzo is also an excellent, environmentally-friendly choice as it requires little maintenance and can even substitute recycled glass or other materials in lieu of marble.


Like all flooring, terrazzo requires routine maintenance to keep it looking great. Sand, gravel, and other debris can scuff the polished surface, giving it a lackluster or dull appearance. Floor runners and door mats in high-traffic areas will help reduce surface damage. Also, since terrazzo is porous, spills will stain the surface if left untreated. It is especially susceptible to high acidity such as spilled carbonated drinks, cleaning agents, sauces, etc. These can etch the terrazzo.

Routine Maintenance Program

Developing a routine maintenance plan will keep floors looking great. Here is how to approach regular cleaning of terrazzo flooring:

  • Daily: Wipe wet spillage as it happens. The longer a spill sits, the more damage it can do to your terrazzo. Sweep high-traffic areas frequently.
  • Weekly/monthly: Damp mop floors using a pH neutral cleaner, or a solution designed specifically for terrazzo floors. Either rinse or towel dry floors; never let cleaning solution dry on the surface as it could cause discoloring or cloudiness of the finish.
  • Annually: A professional cleaning surface has specialized equipment and cleaners that can restore damages and polish surfaces back to its original luster. Seek this service whenever you notice signs of wear.

Contact us to learn more about how we can assist in your terrazzo maintenance. We are experienced in superior tile, grout, and hard flooring surface cleaning techniques.