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Hot Water Extraction – Carpet Cleaning

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Hot Water Extraction – Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning Makes a Difference

We’ve mentioned in a previous blog post the importance of regular carpet cleaning routines. In this post, we will discuss the best way to do so.

The professional carpet cleaning industry standard (and recommended method of cleaning from all carpet manufacturers) involves using a hot water extraction system to remove dirt, allergens, and other contaminants from carpeting. This method, sometimes also referred to as steam cleaning, uses a fine spray of pressurized water and cleaning detergent to penetrate the pile and force dirt out. This is sucked up by a vacuum slot along with most of the moisture. Professional cleaning equipment is often truck-mounted, making it easy to clean residential carpet without having to bring equipment into the home.

This method of carpet cleaning is effective at spot and stain removal – especially when compared to do-it-yourself products. These often do not penetrate the stain and many leave residue that attracts soil and grime to this area of the carpet. Hot water extraction eliminates stains trapped in the carpet fibers and leaves nothing on the carpet.

Portable home steam cleaners are available for rent or purchase from most hardware or home goods stores. While these systems are convenient to occasionally clean small areas or quickly address spills, a professional carpet cleaning service is required to deep clean your carpets. Professional hot water extraction machines inject water and cleaning agents into carpets at a higher pressure than those sold commercially to homeowners and are more efficient at removing moisture and contaminants. To learn more about why professional hot water extraction cleaning is the best option for keeping your carpets looking great, contact us at Clean USA!