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Huge Benefits Outsourcing Commercial Janitorial Services

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Huge Benefits Outsourcing Commercial Janitorial Services

What can you benefits can you gain with our services?

Are you satisfied with how the commercial janitorial services are managed at your business? Are they done in-house by office personnel? Or are you for some reason unhappy with your current professional cleaning service? Imagine the increase in production by staff if you hired a professional cleaning service.

Outsourcing Increases Bottom Line

If your business decides to outsource the janitorial services, some of the most immediate effects are cost. No longer will you need to budget for a janitorial employee. You are able to cut such things as a 401k, health insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, and other benefits depending on the size of your company. The purchasing and maintenance of janitorial equipment and supplies will be a thing of the past. Removing in-house janitorial services will increase your bottom line and offer your employees freedom to focus on productivity.

Outsourcing Improves Freedom to Focus

Company employees can concentrate on whatever it is your business is in business for. If you are in the restaurant business, your business is food. Professional cleaning companies are in the business of sanitation and hygiene. You are in the food business, not the cleaning business. Leave the cleaning to us. Your employees will love you for it.

Outsourcing Imparts Peace of Mind

If you want to inspire greater team optimism with determination to improve and expand your business model then consider outsourcing your janitorial services. What a relief for the men and women who you work with side by side every day to come to work and find the place sparkling from the rafters to the floors. To the windows, to the doors. That gasp you just heard was a room full of office personnel breathing a sigh of relief when they heard the news that the janitorial work was now assigned to Clean USA. Now, each day (if that is the frequency you choose) when you come to work, you will see carpets vacuumed, waste baskets emptied, restrooms cleaned and sanitized, break room floors mopped and much, much more.

Contact Clean USA today for a free assessment and proposal designed to meet all your janitorial service needs. We look forward to talking with you!