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Illinois Carpet Cleaning Myths – Debunked!

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Illinois Carpet Cleaning Myths – Debunked!

Clean USA is a professional carpet cleaning company based in Illinois. We offer carpet cleaning services, janitorial cleaning services for both home and business. Located in Sycamore, IL, we offer free, no obligation in-home estimates, a 12-month Spot & Spill Warranty, and a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee! So whether you are interested in furniture cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, or are interested in commercial carpet and office cleaning, we’ve got you covered at Clean USA.

Now that we have the essentials of our business established, we’d like to get into the meat and potatoes of today’s blog! As the title already informed you, we are discussing carpet cleaning myths. While many who are not associated with our industry might be surprised that there is an impressive number of myths related to carpet cleaning, those of us who are more familiar with the field know that there are plenty of “professional” cleaning companies out there who fail to use proper methodology. On top of that, there are plenty of carpet cleaning DIYers out there who don’t take the time to learn the right way to things.

Now, we aren’t calling you one of those hasty DIYers, we just want people to know that there are plenty of ways amateur carpet cleaners can mess up a beautiful carpet. Don’t let that happen to you — keep reading to learn how!

Myth: Steam Carpet Cleaning Will Ruin My Carpets With Mildew

Fact: With alternative carpet cleaning methods becoming more popular in some circles, there’s a lot of marketing jargon out there that describes how traditional steam carpet cleaning will leave your carpet moldy or with mildew. This is not true, unless you go with carpet cleaners that don’t know what they are doing. For example, if your carpet is left to soak for several days, it’s a pretty glaring red flag. That’s not normal or appropriate, and something like that will cause bacteria to grow.

At Clean USA, our professional carpet cleaning service process includes a pre-spray to lift out dirt and bacteria, hot water extraction to rinse out dirt and stains, a residue-free rinse to make sure your carpet isn’t “crunchy” after cleaning, spot and stain removal, deodorizer, and a drying time of four hours or less! So forgive us if we aren’t buying the propaganda being spewed about regarding steam carpet cleaning. If done correctly, it will be a thorough, effective, and efficient process.

Myth: My Carpet Isn’t Too Old, So It Doesn’t Need To Be Cleaned

Fact: “New” is a relative term. Concerning carpets, most people think of carpets as being new if they’ve been installed within the last decade. What’s more, modern carpets are better than ever at hiding dirt and stains, so there’s a distinction to be made between clean and the appearance of clean. By the time you notice your carpeting is dirty, some of the damage might be deep. That’s why we recommend getting your carpet cleaned at least once every year. And if you think it’s too late for your carpet because you’ve waited years and haven’t had professional cleaning performed yet, we are confident we’ll be able to impress you with our stain and dirt removing qualities!

Myth: Any Old Grocery Store Carpet Cleaner Can Get Stains Out Of Your Carpet

Fact: This just might be the worst thing you can do for your carpet. While not all general carpet cleaning products are necessarily going to cause a catastrophe, big brand name carpet spotters can actually attract soil, and in some cases might ruin your carpet. It can even be difficult for professional carpet cleaners to get rid of stains that have been treated by cheap spotters. For an ideal clean, we recommend using hot water extraction carpet cleaning, performed by Clean USA for an affordable fee!

Myth: The Only Real Reason To Clean Your Carpet Is To Get The Dirt Out

Fact: This is simply untrue. While many think that getting the dirt out is the only reason you should be getting your carpet cleaned on an annual basis, there are additional practical reasons for doing so. Outdoor air contains all kinds of pollutants and allergies, including smoke, car exhaust, fungus, bacteria, dust, and pollen, to name a few. When fresh air comes into your home or place of business, these toxins end up in your carpet.

You don’t need to have asthma in order for this to concern you either. You will breathe more easily and feel better when you have your carpet professionally cleaned more often!

Myth: It’s Okay To Go With The Cleaning Company That Offers The Lowest Quote

Fact: All carpet cleaning companies are not created equally. We’d need more hands and feet if we wanted to count the number of horror stories we’ve heard when a home or business owner elects to go with a discount carpet cleaning company. In fact, some carpet cleaning methods will only remove the dirt from your carpet, leaving behind pollutants and toxins that will affect your breathing. Additionally, these shady carpet cleaners are often guilty of quoting you an originally low estimate, but once they are in your home they wind up pressuring you with up-sells that make the overall price unreasonable.

Budget carpet cleaning service sounds great in theory, but we are firmly of the opinion that you can get both affordability and quality.

Myth: Vacuuming The Carpet Too Often Will Wear It Out!

Fact: The final myth we will successfully debunk is one for the homeowners. While this might have had some truth in the past, given that older carpets were much less durable than the ones that are made these days, modern carpets can handle pretty much as much vacuuming as you need it to. You can even vacuum every day, if you feel the need to! Just make sure it’s a functional, well-performing vacuum cleaning that won’t damage your carpet.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog as much as you’ve found it practical! It’s plain to see that there is much more to carpet cleaning than your average Joe or Jane off the street might realize. And while we understand that your life doesn’t revolve around carpet cleaning service, ours does. We want you to know that our professional services are available at an affordable price. Our Illinois service area is vast and we will do our best to work around your schedule. If you are ready to say goodbye to unprofessional carpet cleaning companies and the ill-advised DIY carpet cleaning method, we’ve got you covered with experience and know-how. Get your free estimate from Clean USA today from the home carpet cleaners of Sycamore!!