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Is It Possible to Clean Your Carpet Too Much?

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Is It Possible to Clean Your Carpet Too Much?

If a cleaner pushes you to clean your carpets a lot…

Cleaning Too Often is Expensive

You don’t want to pay for new carpeting because you didn’t get the old carpet cleaned enough. However, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on cleaning the carpet too often. Generally, you won’t see the difference between a carpet that was cleaned three months ago and a carpet that was cleaned six months ago. Don’t pay for carpet cleaning when you won’t be able to see what has been done.

Frequent cleaning wears the carpet down.

A proper cleaning works carpet fibers thoroughly, and if it is done too often, the fibers can start to get loose. More dirt will get into the carpet sooner. As a result, you’ll have to clean sooner, and so on. Eventually, the carpet will wear out before its time.

How Often Should Your Commercial Carpet Be Cleaned?

Making sure your home’s carpets are looking their best is a careful balance of cleaning them and leaving them alone. You don’t want to clean the life out of your flooring, but you also need to make sure it looks great and isn’t being broken down from the inside by dirt and other contaminants. Additionally, money is an important consideration. There is no universal rule when it comes to carpet cleaning frequency, just a few considerations to make.

Traffic Level

  • Carpet in hallways and walkways will generally get a lot of traffic. That means shoes that have been everywhere else will be all over those sections of carpet. Pollen dirt, fecal particles, can all get into the carpet and loosen the fibers, which just makes the carpet more susceptible to additional wear. The enhanced wear and tear can take the toughest carpet and make it look tired and old. By cleaning the carpet in your walkways more frequently, you can prevent the material from wearing down prematurely.


  • It’s pretty easy to understand that carpeting in the walkways experiences the most intense wear and tear. However, there are other sections of carpet to consider. If you have a carpeted formal dining room, food stains and crumbs can bring it down. Any carpet that is going to get splattered or hit with contaminants should be cleaned, even if it isn’t getting a lot of foot traffic.

Carpet Type

  • Carpet in commercial settings is usually selected for its toughness and aesthetic contribution. You won’t find carpets with high piles or made of fragile materials. However, some settings require more comfortable, luxurious carpet. If you have a luxurious commercial setting, you’ll probably have to get the carpeting cleaned more often.

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