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It’s Spring—Time for Carpet Cleaning

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It’s Spring—Time for Carpet Cleaning

Start your spring cleaning!

Routine professional carpet cleaning helps keep your home looking great and prevents unnecessary wear on your flooring. This is especially the case following long fall and winter. During these seasons, more time is spent in the home and conditions outdoors tend to increase the amount of dirt and debris that is brought inside. Begin spring cleaning this year with proper servicing by a professional carpet cleaning service.

There are two areas on a carpet that are most affected by prolonged lapses in cleaning. The first is near doors or entryways. Placing a small shoe tray or doormat will help slow damage, but matting and discoloration is inevitable without periodic cleanings. This is also the case for the carpet in high-traffic areas such as in front of furniture or down the center of hallways. These dirty patterns in the carpet make the room look dingy and draws the eye to discrepancies in color and texture.

There is more than immediate benefit to having your carpet cleaned professionally. Not only will it look great right away, but it is also improving the longevity of the carpet. Over time, dirt, debris, and other contaminants become packed in the carpet. Abrasive dirt particles cause irreversible damage to the carpet pile. Routine cleaning using hot water extraction dislodges anything trapped inside the pile, restoring the look of the carpet as well as preventing any further damage or matting.

To get the most out of spring cleaning this year, add a professional carpet cleaning to the list of things done around the house to welcome in the new season. Not only will your home look and smell fresh, but you will breathe new life into your carpets. Contact us to schedule an appointment!