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Keep Your Employees Healthy with Commercial Janitorial Services

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Keep Your Employees Healthy with Commercial Janitorial Services

Avoid Spreading Lots Of Germs!

Having healthy employees is one of the most important things you can strive for in order to create a happy and productive work environment. However, it can sometimes seem impossible to keep everyone in the office feeling well. This is especially true during the winter, when colds and the flu both seem to lurk around every corner.
If you are wondering what in the world you can do to help keep your employees feeling their best during the winter season, one great solution is to look into commercial janitorial services.

How can a janitorial service help keep your employees healthy? There are actually several ways!

Clean Surfaces

The first and most obvious way a janitorial service can help keep your staff healthy throughout the flu season is by offering your employees clean, germ-free surfaces to work on. Tables, desks, and countertops gather an army of germs each and every day. A good janitorial service uses antibacterial cleaning solution to literally wipe sickness away from all the surfaces in your office building.

More Sunshine

One of the reasons more people suffer from colds during the winter is the lack of sunshine. Sunshine gives our bodies essential vitamins that help us fight off colds and other sicknesses.

If the windows in your office are so dirty they won’t let in light, or even if they’re just dirty enough to keep you from opening the shades, you are depriving your employees of the sunlight they need in order to absorb vitamins crucial to their immune systems. A janitorial service will clean your windows until they’re sparkling, and give your staff a reason to lift those shades and let the sunshine in.


If your staff is already passing around a cold, adding to their symptoms and compromising their immune systems by adding dust and other allergens to the mix is just asking them to take a long string of sick days. Instead of risking the health of your staff, bring in a janitorial service to remove dust from the corners of your building and leave your staff feeling uplifted and sneeze-free.

If you’re ready to schedule your office cleaning and ensure your staff is feeling their best this winter, please contact us today at Clean USA.