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Professional Carpet Cleaning for New Tenants

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Professional Carpet Cleaning for New Tenants

Owning a rental property is a great opportunity to maximize the return on investment for a piece of real estate. Unfortunately, maintaining the property, performing routine repairs, and cleaning is a necessary obligation for landlords. Whether you charge month-to-month rent or your tenant signs an annual lease, summer is a common season to see increased turnover in a rental unit. This is due to a number of logical reasons. For families with children, it makes sense to relocate when school is in recess. Also, moving during the summer avoids poor weather, which can be a significant hurdle in the packing, shipping, and unloading process. As the landlord, one thing you can do to prepare for a quick and seamless transition from one tenant to another is have the carpets professionally cleaned.

Carpets are an important part of the sensory impression a rental space makes on a potential tenant. The way the carpet looks, smells, and feels affects the appeal of the room. The hot water extraction cleaning process lifts stains, dirt, and odors from the carpet that were left behind by a previous tenant. This provides a blank slate for the new resident. When potential tenants tour a new residence they try to envision what it will look like when they are living there. A dirty carpet detracts from this vision by offering unsightly reminders of the people who live there prior.

Regular carpet cleaning on a rental property is beneficial to the landlord as well. The purpose of the property is to make money. The expense of carpet replacement far exceeds the cost of proper carpet maintenance. Carpet cleaning removes stains and helps prevent wear in high-traffic areas. Since this can pose an inconvenience for tenants, landlords should plan to have a cleaning professional visit when the property is vacant.

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