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Questions to Ask when Hiring Commercial Janitorial Services

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Questions to Ask when Hiring Commercial Janitorial Services

Need Help Keeping the office Clean?

When you are looking to keep your office clean, it’s paramount to find Commercial Janitorial Services that are able to get the job done right. To help you find a partner that gets you what you need, here are 3 questions to ask when hiring a commercial janitorial company.

1) What Clients Do You Serve?

Above all, you should be sure to hire a company that helps you with your unique needs. A medical office, for example, has very different cleaning needs than a factory or a grocery store. Finding a partner that has experience in your field allows you to rest easy knowing that your facilities will be clean and up to your standard.

2) What Services Do You Provide?

Don’t just assume that your future janitorial partner provides everything you need in a commercial cleaning company. Instead, ask about their services, what comes included in their package, and what you may have to pay extra for. Then, match up their answers with your needs to find a partner that can serve your company well.

3) What’s Our Interaction?

On a regular basis, you will want to interface with your company. Your needs may change, or your janitorial employees may have found inefficiencies or additional necessities within their cleaning schedule. Regular contact ensures that your partnership is long and successful, ensuring clean facilities for both you and your clientele.

Is your business in the market for a partnership with a janitorial service company? If so, contact us. We’d love to provide the above and more answers to you to ensure that our partnership will be successful.