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Schedule A Professional Carpet Cleaning To Eliminate Odor from Pets

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Schedule A Professional Carpet Cleaning To Eliminate Odor from Pets

Ten-Step Carpet Cleaning Procedure Will Do The Job

Make You Carpets Look BrandPets are some of the most emotionally rewarding and compassionate creatures the American family can have in their home. They greet us with unconditional love when we get home from work after a long day at the office. They cuddle up to us on a warm blanket to appreciate the simplicity of just being there and enjoying each other’s company. Unlike children, they don’t talk back either, which is a huge bonus. Yes, pets are a wonderful thing … just not for carpets. They smell, they shed, and especially as puppies when they’re not fully house trained they tend to leave their mark wherever they go. It’s a tradeoff most pet owners will gladly take, but something still needs to be done about getting those carpets clean again.

Many of us certainly try hard to get rid of the odor and stains that our furry companions leave all over the house, but usually there is seemingly no cleaner available to the general public that will take care of the problem. That’s when you need to call in for serious help. Pet owners everywhere only have one recourse when they need their carpets to be properly released from harsh pet odors and stains that may be trapped inside them. That recourse is to schedule a professional carpet cleaning.

At “Clean USA Cleaning & Restoration” we use a proven ten-step carpet cleaning procedure that features a specialized hot water extraction process to remove all the unpleasant odors and stains that could be left behind from pets, children, or anything else. This cleaning process is only capable of being delivered by our technologically advanced truck mounted units. After we perform our service, not only will your carpet look and smell like new again, but it should completely dry out in about four hours allowing you to have your family and friends over to enjoy the freshness of a clean carpet the same day as a professional cleaning. Please contact us today for more information.