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Seasonal Carpet Cleaning

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Seasonal Carpet Cleaning

Homeowners know the importance of routine maintenance and deep cleaning. While the spring clean is typically the most notable, it’s a good practice to try to prepare your home on a quarterly basis to coincide with the changing season. Not only will this keep you organized throughout the year, but it will also minimize the harsh effects of weather and seasonal activities on your home. For most people, this periodic cleaning includes scrubbing walls, cleaning closets, and moving seldom used things into storage. This fall, consider including carpet cleaning to the list.

Each season is harsh on your carpets in different ways. Winter slush and salt can discolor areas near entryways. Spring brings mud into the house, causing unsightly stains. Summer is ripe with pollen and dusts that get trapped in carpets and can cause all manner of health concerns. Fall, like spring, can be wet, but also tends to be the time when brittle leaves can be tracked in and inadvertently ground into flooring. All of these conditions are manageable, as long as they aren’t left to slowly compound, season after season.

The difficulty with a dirty carpet is that it can go undetected for a long time. Matting, stains, or worn areas develop so gradually that it can be easy to overlook. If not professionally cleaned, these problems can permanently damage or ruin the carpets in your home. This season, prepare your home with a good carpet cleaning. Contact us to learn about our carpet cleaning services. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll make it right or return your money – that’s our 100% satisfaction guarantee!