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Simple Tips For Carpet Cleaning Your Frieze Carpet

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Simple Tips For Carpet Cleaning Your Frieze Carpet

Save Your Frieze Carpet!

Frieze carpet is known for its long, twisted fibers that give the carpet a luxurious, comforting feel under your feet. The long fibers may look lovely, but they do tend to grab onto moisture and stains. They’re also prone to fraying if you’re not careful when you vacuum and clean. To keep your frieze carpet looking its best, follow these simple carpet cleaning and maintenance tips.

Adjust your vacuum brush to a higher setting.

If you put your vacuum brush down too low, it will dig too deep into the carpet fibers and cause them to fray. Set the vacuum brush on the highest setting. This way, it will gently comb its way through the fibers without chewing them up.

Use extra suction to remove water after cleaning.

The long fibers and frieze carpet like to hold onto water. If they’re not dried out quickly and thoroughly enough, they can start to facilitate mold growth. If you hire a carpet cleaning company to shampoo your carpet, make sure they use high-powered suction equipment to remove as much water as possible. If you shampoo your own carpet, be careful not to eject too much water into it. Go over the carpet a second time with the shampooing machine on “suction only” mode to ensure you extract as much moisture as possible.

Part the fibers when cleaning up spills.

When you spill something on your carpet and need to soak up the stain, make sure you always blot rather than rub to avoid fraying the fibers. To remove the staining material from deeper down in the carpet, part the fibers, and then press down on them. Next, part them an inch or so over from the first part, and blot again. Repeat this process until the spilled material has been soaked up.

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